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“Achieving positive transformation,
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Hello my name is Tammy Adams, I speak with your guardian angels and spirit guides to find you answers. With my spiritual guidance and intuitive insights you can trust you’ll be in the right hands. Allow me to take you through the rest of my website for information about how I  can help you reach your personal goal and beyond!

Welcome, so here’s a brief bio just to get you started….I was born with the ability to speak with angels and spirit guides which enables me to have intuitive and divine insights guiding others in connecting with their personal angel or past loved one (spirit guides). It’s now been over 30 years since I have been using my abilities to help other others overcome negative blockages, heartbreak, abuse and confusion, find their personal life purpose and as a medium for spiritual connection with loved ones.

Intuitive Life Coaching & Spiritual Healing

I have had this ability for many lifetimes and have been chosen once again in this lifetime, working my hardest to reach and help as many people as possible. In doing so I have dedicated much of my time to lecturing, speaker events, workshops, and radio, to educate and teach people the many ways they can heal, find love and be successful at whatever they desire. Within the rest of this site you will continue to find… the many ways I can help you, my own personal never before told story about my ability, testimonials – examples of my work, and more information about my programs and life changing spiritual retreats. Plus much, much more so read on discover and grow in knowledge!

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Discover how she’ll use her gift for seeing & speaking with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to unlock your very real potential for happiness and fulfillment.

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Understanding Karma Video part 1

Watch this video for quick tips about understanding and cleansing bad Karma. Become a follower on our  Youtube channel and leave a comment. Then we will post part 2.

Watch Karma video

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