Tammy lends herself as a form of Spiritual Guidance, but to me she was always so much more than that. She has helped me open and clear any negative energy that could have been blocking me from achieving my dreams. Myself, I always enjoyed practicing a plant-based lifestyle.  This is something that she reinforces to help your body rid of any toxins, and making your own energy much more clear and more in tune with all vibrations that surround us. In our relationship that we have had for over 5 years now, she has helped meditate with me and for me. One of my personal goals was to be able to connect more to my Spiritual Guides and Angels. This is something that takes commitment and dedication to meditate and clear your own pathways. Tammy has taken the time and scheduled sessions around my needs and my own personal timeline. She innately knows when to communicate with me when it was the most vital! What I love about Tammy is she doesn’t hover around any negative energy. She either clears it for you, or forewarns you and guides you how to work around it so you may remain untainted. I feel that now I am able to connect to Spirit for the good of service and have the wherewithal to read any and all energy and whether I’d like to invite it in my life. Now I am confident that I can help my clients to give accurate and precise readings. Tammy is committed to her clients and shows great compassion.  You can trust her with your concerns and start loving your new-found energy as she helps to unveil all the greatness you deserve in life!

Gina C.

After my father died, I decided to find someone to help me communicate with him. I came across Tammy’s website (even though I was searching for a different one) and decided to make an appointment. Tammy took me into a private room where she began to tell me all about one of my children…everything that I already knew and had been struggling with. She gave me some guidance, and then she asked me if I had a specific question. I told her I was looking to communicate with my father who had passed, so she told me what was happening with him. I was happy to hear about it, and that was when Tammy told me to give her the picture I had in my wallet. It was of my husband and one of my children. My husband of 20+ years was not my soul mate, she informed me, and that my soul mate and I would get together in about a year… whatever my circumstances were. She mentioned that it would be very messy if I didn’t leave before that destined relationship started. I left her office KNOWING she was telling me something that I needed to hear. I thought about it for about 5 months and knew it was time to make that change. Although it was very hard to leave (anyone who has left a long term relationship that involves children will agree). I prepared myself and left trying to cause as little damage to everyone as possible. It was almost instantaneously that I knew I had done the right thing. My husband and I went to some counseling together because even though I knew it was over, I had a hard time coming to terms with it. I had guilt. But today…almost 2 years later…I am with my soul mate. Amazing!


I have known and worked with Tammy Adams and House of Angels for ten years now. I will never forget the immense deep breath I was finally able to take when I first met with her and began my spiritual journey. The lessons she teaches are life long and priceless….if one is willing to open the door, learn and grow, no matter how hard it may be at the time. Her joy, honesty and connection with God are true. Her gifts are many because God trusts her to shoulder the burden of helping others find their path. And life will always be life.

There is no perfect person or perfect situation, but our own growth in this life be it small or large is part of our path to finding our truth and healing. Tammy helped me in my meditations, listening to my angels, true forgiveness, growing my own business, finding my soul mate, and teaching me most of all to listen to my own heart and not my ego. I am ever so grateful for her dedication and always will be. God Bless.

Alyssa S.

On my personal retreat with Tammy Adams, we traveled to Bend, Oregon. I always look back on this trip and think how Blessed I was to be able to spend this time with her so that she could help me find my way back after the loss of my fiancé. It was a 3-day retreat, and one of the objectives was to learn how to get over fear. Tammy told me that I was going to get on a gondola and ski my way down from the top of the hill. I was like…are you serious? I do not ski, and the one time I did ski, I rolled half way down the slope and ripped my pants in half and wanted nothing to do with skiing or snowboarding. My heart was pumping and the idea of falling off the gondola was very terrifying since I was also scared of heights. I know Tammy would not ask me to do anything that would bring me harm. I trusted her, so I smiled and just kept repeating to myself that I could do this. I took a 2-hour lesson with a ski instructor, and the next thing you know, I am skiing all the way down from the top of the slope to the bottom. I was like a pro. I learned how to release fear and not let it control me. It was so beautiful to feel that release. Could you believe I got on the gondola several times that day? With Tammy’s help and guidance by her speaking to my Guardian Angel, I was able to overcome fear and learn that even if I feel a little scared, I had to Believe in myself. I was given many beautiful signs on this retreat that I will remember forever. These signs brought comfort to my heart and soul. I was now able to keep moving forward in life. How amazing is that!?!

Rocio S.

My fiancé passed away June 10, 2009, and I was grieving and trying to deal with my situation. I was trying to find a way back from this darkness in my heart. I needed closure, so I called to make an appointment with Tammy Adams. I knew I had to bring his picture and a couple personal items of his. I showed up not knowing what to expect. She greeted me at the door, and I felt at ease right away. We sat down and she then asked, “Have you seen the movie ‘Ghost’?” I said yes, and she then explained how she was living the life of Whoopi Goldberg and that my fiancé would keep her up at night, wake her up very early in the morning and that she had not had much rest since he passed because he was telling her to find me. She was trying to find me, but my phone was disconnected and I had moved to another place. She then told me details that only my Darell and I would know about regarding his passing and what he felt when he was dying. She gave me very detailed messages from him. He was worried for me and said I was in danger.

Tammy told me the steps I had to do to protect my children and myself. I did exactly what Tammy asked of me. After everything was in order, my Darell was ready to go to the light. He came to me in a dream. He was so beautiful with white light that formed his body. He was on a hill, and there was a road that was heading towards the light. It was very sad yet peaceful to my heart that he was in a beautiful place. He was ready to move to the spiritual realm, and I clearly saw him wave goodbye to me. He still sends me messages from beyond. For example, I was getting my nails done, and I looked up towards my car. There was a flower floating in the air, swaying back and forth. It very gently landed on my car. Tears started streaming down my cheeks because I knew it was from him.

Rocio S.

I went on a 2-day retreat with Tammy to Mt. Shasta, and it was life changing. She really helped me realize who I really am and what my true purpose is. She helped me find insight on things that were blocking me from being open to love.

I also learned that I need to speak more with confidence and conviction. I accepted the fact that I need to be a leader. Everyone has always seen my potential as a leader, and it took me a long time to realize and accept. I had to work hard during the retreat, but many lessons were learned, and in the end I released several negative blockages, gained much knowledge of how to connect with myself, my guardian angel, spirit guides and the energy around us. I cleansed with water (snow, rivers, lakes, waterfalls) to remove negative blocks. I truly felt that I went through a self-transformation. I’ve taken the all information and inspiration Tammy has given me, and I’m determined to continue to work and accomplish my life’s purpose. Thank you, Tammy, for your guidance and (sometimes tough) love! You’re amazing, and I know you have the best intentions to help.


Tammy is truly gifted . Four years ago , I walked into Tammy s place without any expectations , and she told lot of information that I was very shocked and amazed. I ended up in a 6-year relationship, and she clearly told me that my ex was not my soulmate .

I ended up dating a guy, and she would offer guidance for me regarding my relationship and my business at the time. I was just opening a business when I went to her, and I wanted to do everything right! So, I would go to Tammy every few months to have a session. One day, out of nowhere, she said, “just so you know, you are going to have a baby next year.” When she said that, I thought she was crazy. I didn’t want to have a baby when I started a business and just wanted to focus. I did not go back to her for awhile because I thought she was wrong .

After 6 months from the last session, I found out I was pregnant and couldn’t believe that what she said was right. Not only was she right about my pregnancy, she was right about my purpose in this life. I referred lots of friends to her for when they need some guidance.

I am her fan now, and I love her radio shows. She s amazing, and I know you will not regret going to her.

Give her a try! I highly recommend.

Happy Client

I just wanted to give Tammy a little shout out.  After our phone call today, I am so honored to have spoken to her. I was teary eyed and felt some healing, some relief as to what information I was given. I needed to hear those things. I needed to hear from my Angel. I am so happy to know her name and know who my guide is too. (Like I didn’t already know that my grandma was here with me…lol. She gives me signs!!!) I look forward to having more contact with Tammy. She is so amazing. She knows things and isn’t afraid to tell you what you need to hear….which is good to know. No one is perfect, but there is always the opportunity to change and heal and strive for a happier, loving and peaceful existence. Thank you, Tammy, for your help.  And thank you to my angel and guide for their help too!! God Bless!!

Monica B. R.