My name is Tammy Adams.
I’m an Experienced California Medium, Intuitive Life Coach & Healer. 


I’ve been blessed with gifts and abilities that allow me to help people all of the world find peace and spiritual enlightenment. I have been called a ‘best-kept secret’ by many of my clients. I conduct regular California spiritual retreats to help those that are feeling spiritually lost or that are in need of reconnecting to their inner strength and spiritual self.

I will take you to a location that your angels will guide me to, either in California, the U.S. or beyond: there are no limits on where I will go to assist my clients. I’ll employ every skill and technique that’s called for, going to great lengths to help you achieve your goals, which are deeply profound and different for every other individual. My California spiritual retreats are designed to reignite your senses, heighten your communication with the universe and delve deeper into yourself to unlock your inner strength.

There are very few practitioners or healers willing to provide the hands-on, intensive engagement that I can offer you at a transformation retreat, resulting in spiritual rebirth that will last you a lifetime!

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What to Expect On Your Spiritual Retreat in California

A retreat with Tammy leaves people truly blown away, and often expressing they wish they could have her continue to work with each of them constantly and exclusively. It’s that powerful! Personal retreats are only intended for those who are seeking complete transformation, and who have already done enough work with Tammy to understand all the changes that a retreat with her entails.

In world where we are constantly bombarded by earthly bound distractions and pressures it is easy to lose track of your true self. Tammy can help you refocus your energies to reinvigorate and realign your spiritual path. Tammy’s abilities are far reaching and all-encompassing, and each retreat is tailored to meet the needs of that specific client. Some come to Tammy for intuitive guidance, some are in search of spiritual healing, and others seek Tammy out for her psychic abilities.

Tammy does California Spiritual retreats for a half-day to several days’ duration, depending on each client’s personal needs and goals.

Tammy will help you leave control behind an open yourself up towards your destiny we cannot fulfill our purpose while having control. Tammy works at the speed you need and knows what works and what does not because of her ability to have such clarity it benefits you to the fullest, her clarity helps her know what doors to open as well as which moments have shut down in your past. You cannot hide even your blocked memories, as Tammy travels deep within your spiritual awareness and brings you back to the present refreshed and revitalized from the things that I’ve torn you down along your journey of life.

It’s great being able to go through this magnificent release while on retreat then to finally have true knowledge and guidance of what to do once you go home most will give you a wonderful peaceful time but not many healers will give you the specific direction you need to take step-by-step, here you will no longer wonder if you’re on your path you will be walking with Tammy towards your path while on this retreat.

As one of the foremost intuitive’s in the world and still “Best Kept Secret” she’s performed hundreds of retreats at amazing and powerful destinations in every corner of the globe. You are truly in the hands of a well-rounded and knowledgeable teacher.

Change is going to happen however it’s up to you when you finally want to be happy and except the change or not things are always moving so isn’t it best to choose to let things move in a positive way instead of negative or stagnant way. Tammy hears the same thing all of the time “well I’m afraid” her clients say. Fear is not real, it’s for something we give power to fear does not exist. What does exist is your angels God your purpose in life it’s what we are all meant to be doing , but we have been caught up in this superficial world which accomplishes nothing for our souls or our love for life.

You are not alone, you will always have your angels, God and Tammy to always guide you back. Come now and join us on your spiritual retreat …God bless.

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Sacramento Medium | Begin Seeing Clearly Again

Have you ever found yourself wondering what your purpose is or if you have one at all? Do you feel lost or feel as if something is missing? We all have these questions and desires for deeper self exploration. I was blessed, even before birth, to know what mine was! Allow me, as a trained Sacramento medium, help you to find your higher purpose. While I have traveled the world, I have saved peoples’ lives by showing them and teaching them a higher spiritual awareness and level that surpasses their current state of knowing. The teachings I have brought back from my travels, whether from this lifetime or from the past are so ancient and so powerful I always have success.

The following is a quick list of Sacramento medium services:

  • Angel communication/ spiritual insight and answers /Spirit guide communication/ Medium to past loved ones/ Soul mate connection/ Twin flame
  • Chakra cleansing and rebalancing
  • Psychic Reading
  • Sacramento medium sessions
  • Intuitive Life coaching/ putting a plan together for your future
  • Spiritual healing/ through crystals, meditation and prayer
  • Personalized Spiritual retreats/ See Retreats

It’s now been over 30 years since I have been using my abilities to help other others overcome negative blockages, heartbreak, abuse and confusion, find their personal life purpose and as a medium for spiritual connection with loved ones.

California Spiritual Retreats in Transformative Teaching

~ A Message From Tammy ~

Angels and spirit guides lecture

California Spiritual Retreats Up until now my husband has been the only other living being who knows my true story. My gifts have been with me for many lifetimes, and I have always embraced my special purpose of sharing them with others. Here’s how my story begins…

When I came into this world, I was not alone. I was born with a twin brother; however, I am not referring to him. You see, my brother was born first, and I was not going to make it at birth. My unborn infant heart had stopped, and I was nowhere being born yet, and my mother’s body had also given up. It was then that I met my first angel that whispered to me in my mother’s dying womb, “Wake up!” At that very moment life came back to me, my heart started to beat again, my mother’s body jolted with energy and I was reawakened.

I was given consciousness…. true consciousness …in the whispers from my angel, briefly sharing all the knowledge from my past lives. Like in a movie or TV show about time travel, my soul was in so many bodies and places, then slammed back into this baby’s body. As my heart gained strength this knowledge faded away, as only they (God and the angels) would have it.

Then I was born, and life started. I would rediscover all of these events as I grew, and it would be one of my greatest challenges to conceal what I truly could hear and see. I know many of you may find it hard to recognize moments like these as lessons, so I am here to help and teach you to understand how they are truly part of your special path in life.

God bless,

Tammy Adams