Tammy is the real deal. Her intuitive and insightful words are brilliant.

Cameron B. (5-star)

Tammy s honesty, and her guidance help you on the right path.

Cindy S. (5-star)

I have worked with Tammy for several years and have witnessed firsthand the transformative
experience her clients undergo. She is truly blessed with amazing insight and the ability to heal minds.

Mitchell C. (5-star)

Tammy is super intuitive, and she’s been right on point about everything she told me and my husband.
The most accurate readings we’ve ever gotten. She is also very enjoyable and fun to work with. I wi…

Anonymous (5-star)

Tammy is the real deal. I have known Tammy for over 10 years and with her help I have found my life
purpose and has helped me on my Spiritual path. She is amazing!!

Michelle D. (5-star)

Tammy, you were a great group to deal with. I am no longer working with Tag-A-Long. Went over to a
new company that lets me get back into the National Parks. I am sure we can work things out with them

Bill F. (5-star)

All of what Tammy mentioned to me did happen, but what was surprising was I had referred so many of
my friends to her and they did go, but she couldn’t remember who I was. That surprised me.

Carol B. (5-star)

Tammy is a kind and loving soul that definitely has a connection to the spiritual realm. She has helped
me by telling me what my angelic guides want me to hear. I love her and would recommend her to

Judy (5-star)

I was shocked at your accuracy. Within minutes of meeting, you had insight into me and my situation.
The timing could not have been better. It was a blessing to spend time with you.

Janine B. (5-star)

Tammy is a gifted healer and intuitive life coach. I have done some healing and grown. I would have likes
to finish with an in person session.

August L. (4-star)