Tammy Adams is a motivational and inspirational speaker geared towards helping people realize their own potential for spiritual growth. She has been speaking to a variety of large audiences on an array of topics. Such topics as life purpose discovery and energy balancing, manifestation, communication with Guardian Angels, soulmate discovery and extraterrestrial life. Tammy’s talks are transformative events for those who attend. Her energy is palpable and when she does live guided meditations, positive energetic changes occur in all those in attendance. Tammy is a great speaker to have for anyone wanting to bring enlightenment and self-help to their audiences who are seeking life changing transformation and guidance

Tammy speaks to raise money for the House of Angels Foundation, 501(c)3, and the discovery of true conscious enlightenment of audiences around the world.

Contact us today for more information and booking: info@asktammyadams.com or 916-930-0781

~ A message from Tammy ~

Angels and spirit guides lecture