My name is Tammy Adams,
an Intuitive Life Coach & Spiritual Healer.
This is my never before told story.

I’ve been blessed to help people the world over with my gifts and abilities; my clients have called me their “best-kept secret” for intuitive guidance and spiritual healing. But I’ve never shared the secrets from my own life with them, or others…until now.

We all seek our special purpose: I was blessed, even before birth, to know what mine was! While still in my mother’s womb, I could hear and speak with the Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides who are with us all, saw how I had lived many previous lives rich with knowledge and spirituality, and realized my mission in life would be to teach and heal others by using my God-given gifts.

But first I would come to know, abandonment and rejection of the most hurtful kind. With God’s guidance, I learned how all our pain and trauma are sometimes part of His plan, and how my own suffering would teach me how to use my gifts to help others overcome their own distress, receive the wisdom and love of their personal angels, and find their special purpose and happiness…just as I did!

~ A message from Tammy ~

Angels and spirit guides lecture

~ My Story ~

Up until now my husband has been the only other living being who knows my true story. My gifts have been with me for many lifetimes, and I have always embraced my special purpose of sharing them with others. Here’s how my story begins…

When I came into this world, I was not alone. I was born with a twin brother; however, I am not referring to him. You see, my brother was born first, and I was not going to make it at birth. My unborn infant heart had stopped, and I was nowhere being born yet, and my mother’s body had also given up. It was then that I met my first angel that whispered to me in my mother’s dying womb, “Wake up!” At that very moment life came back to me, my heart started to beat again, my mother’s body jolted with energy and I was reawakened.

I was given consciousness…. true consciousness …in the whispers from my angel, briefly sharing all the knowledge from my past lives. Like in a movie or TV show about time travel, my soul was in so many bodies and places, then slammed back into this baby’s body. As my heart gained strength this knowledge faded away, as only they (God and the angels) would have it.

Then I was born, and life started. I would rediscover all of these events as I grew, and it would be one of my greatest challenges to conceal what I truly could hear and see.

Growing Up Gifted But ‘Weird’

After my birth, however, in my mother’s eyes the world never seemed big enough for both of us. I would be more of a problem than a blessing, as she would attempt to give me away, and even later tried to leave me somewhere “by mistake” for no apparent reason. My childhood would be filled with times locked in my room and being left out of my family’s life. Even at a Catholic school I attended, I was always in the principal’s office because I would try to be brave by explaining how not only the Pope can talk to God, and also by talking about the Angels and other things I understood.

I had so many people, as I grew up, who thought I was weird, strange, and even possessed by evil. It was very lonely and sad growing up. I heard from my own mother how she wished I’d never been born, and from my father that my mother couldn’t stand me. Seeing how among my siblings I was the oddball, the black sheep, the evil one, the weird one, and the quiet one. It was very hard to smile, to stay positive, and get through the days I had growing up. Many people have experienced one bad scenario: I had a lifetime of them.

Many of us think it is so hard to live a day without love. We think that neglect can kill us and yes, in many ways it can. However, I have been taught and shown that with just the love from God and our angels, we don’t ever need to really feel neglect or loneliness. Because it is that love that created us, with our own individual purpose to create love once more.

Understanding God’s Plan

The great thing about this, which has kept me strong, my head above water, and given me the strength I needed to be here today, was one day being able to enjoy the blessing of helping others, which is the message I heard so often from my angel: to use my gift and truly help people worldwide. I have been able to use my own pain and sadness as ways to show others how I really feel their pain, in order to help them to heal, because I know the pain of hunger, of abuse, of being unwanted daily.

The struggles I have endured are nothing when I consider how they have helped me become who I am today. If it was not for the suffering, how else would have I learned about pain, how else would I be able to help heal people if I had a life of pleasure and no compassion?

Even though my family had plenty, they chose not to share it with me. I ended up living in hostels at times, living on free crackers for many days, sharing a bathroom with the whole floor I would be on that day, and a shower. I fought to get a bed, but I told myself I would one day have my very own bed. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this is all in God’s plan for me to learn lessons of humility and suffering, so I could help others with their own pain and loss.

I love my life: it is an example of danger, pain, neglect, and despair, but I don’t regret being robbed, being abused, and more, because it has made me who I am today. I thank God for the lessons I have learned, for the blessings of my ability in addition to being married and a mother of 4 kids now.

I know many of you may find it hard to recognize moments like these as lessons, so I am here to help and teach you to understand how they are truly part of your special path in life.

God bless,

Tammy Adams