Spiritual Retreat & Psychic Transformative Teaching

A retreat with Tammy leaves people truly blown away, and often expressing they wish they could have her continue to work with each of them constantly and exclusively. It’s that powerful!

Personal retreats are only intended for those who are seeking complete transformation, and who have already done enough work with Tammy to understand all the changes that a retreat with her entails.

Tammy will take you to a location your angels will guide her to, either in the U.S. or beyond: there are no limits on where she may go to assist her clients. She’ll employ every skill and technique that’s called for, going to great lengths to help you achieve your goals, which are deeply profound and different for every individual.

There are very few practitioners or healers willing to provide the hands-on, intensive engagement Tammy will give you at a transformation retreat, resulting in spiritual rebirth that will last you a lifetime!

As one of the foremost intuitive’s in the world and still “Best Kept Secret” she’s performed hundreds of retreats at amazing and powerful destinations in every corner of the globe.

When on a retreat with Tammy it’s like a rebirth. There are several retreats available to people from many different types of intuitive’s, shamans, healers or even mystics the difference when working with Tammy is that she has worked and trained with some of the most powerful tools, places and spirits on earth her training has taken her around the world. You are truly in the hands of a have a well-rounded and knowledgeable teacher.

Tammy has been gifted with an ability to communicate with your guardian angels she has been working with people since the age of 11 helping share revisions messages and warnings because of Tammy’s guidance many people in this world have succeeded not just spiritually but in a whole life transformation. Tammy is great at being able to truly guide you toward your life purpose.

People choose Tammy as a life coach to take them on a specialized retreat because they have heard about the life-changing experiences from others it’s always great if you have maybe five or 10 reviews but Tammy has had success in every retreat which she has done hundreds.

What to expect on your Spiritual Retreat:

Tammy will help you leave control behind an open yourself up towards your destiny we cannot fulfill our purpose while having control. Tammy works at the speed you need and knows what works and what does not because of her ability to have such clarity it benefits you to the fullest, her clarity helps her know what doors to open as well as which moments have shut down in your past. You cannot hide even your blocked memories, as Tammy travels deep within your spiritual awareness and brings you back to the present refreshed and revitalized from the things that I’ve torn you down along your journey of life.

It’s great being able to go through this magnificent release while on retreat then to finally have true knowledge and guidance of what to do once you go home most will give you a wonderful peaceful time but not many healers will give you the specific direction you need to take step-by-step, here you will no longer wonder if you’re on your path you will be walking with Tammy towards your path while on this retreat.

Change is going to happen however it’s up to you when you finally want to be happy and except the change or not things are always moving so isn’t it best to choose to let things move in a positive way instead of negative or stagnant way. Tammy hears the same thing all of the time “well I’m afraid” her clients say.

Fear is not real, it’s for something we give power to fear does not exist. What does exist is your angels God your purpose in life it’s what we are all meant to be doing , but we have been caught up in this superficial world which accomplishes nothing for our souls or our love for life.

You are not alone, you will always have your angels, God and Tammy to always guide you back. Come now and join us on your spiritual retreat …God bless.

Tammy does retreats for a half-day to several days’ duration, depending on each client’s personal needs and goals.


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“She has brought me up from the depths of despair and has taught me how to fly with the angels.”

-Lisa, Spiritual Retreat Attendee