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How do we receive bad karma? Can we change it”

Ever wondered what caused you to carry so much karmic energy? I will teach you about all the different ways and sources we receive karmic energy. Not all karma is bad. I will teach you how you can begin to heal from negative karma and create good karma. Listen in and learn just how you can begin the shift.


Trying to Find Yourself

When you awoke this morning, did you feel good about your day? Did you feel comfortable in the direction you were headed? Or did you feel like you left yourself somewhere behind perhaps in a dream or even another lifetime? In this debut show be ready to get zapped back into who you really are!


Karma Talk Radio Show

April 2016 Karma Talk Radio Shows

How is it possible to heal through forgiveness?

Aired on 4/15/16 – This episode gives you the tools which you will be able to use so that you will be able to change your life around. Tune in so you can get that 500 pound monkey off your back finally. Discover how good you will start to feel once you are free from negative attachments and feel the healing. I know methods of healing so that you can change a negative into a positive. Anyone at anytime can change their lives into a great life/path.

Listen in and enjoy the messages from our angels.

Do our emotions have power? 

Aired on 4/08/16 –  Find out how to forgive and be free.

Many of do not let our emotions be free we control them. Let yourself learn today how you can set yourself free from controlling your emotions. Our past pain, anger, and fears are blocking us from trusting again, you can trust though once again I’ll teach you.

What is forgiveness, what is healing find out by listening in and start your change now to a better tomorrow

The Healing Joy of Forgiveness

Aired on 4/01/16 – This show is all about forgiveness. Tammy will explain, how by learning to forgive you can become renewed and released from the chains of anger, hate, sadness and even revenge. Tammy has seen in many people’s lives how blockages keep them from being free and peaceful within themselves.

In this episode Tammy explains about forgiveness and healing.

March 2016 Karma Talk Radio Shows

Good Friday healing.. Karma can be cleaned and renewed.

Aired on 3/25/16 – Today is the day that is best for healing and cleansing bad karma. Tune in so that you may get cleared from blockages that have been stopping you from your true potential. Karma is very real it is something that has been around for thousands of years it’s just in the recent years here in America people are hearing more about what karma is.

I can help you understand what is stopping you call in to find out what is creating your blockages as well.

Healing from the pain of losing loved ones.

Aired on 3/04/16 – come learn today how to heal from pain that you have been holding onto for way too long. Open up your heart and make room for new opportunities. I have messages from our angels to share how you can be healed.

Listen now and start healing.

February 2016 Karma Talk Radio Shows

Are we alone??

Aired on 2/26/16 – We are so blessed by having guardian angels and spirit guides. We do not realize that we have them around us though. Why because we are taught from a young age that they do not exist that it’s all fake. I’m here to help you see how they are real.

Listen in to learn who is near you why you have the guides you have surrounding you

Opening our connection to our angels

Aired on 2/19/16 – Tammy shows you how to talk to your angels. Open your mind/chakras so you are more connected. Today you can get more clear about what the steps are that are needed to talk to your angels.

Surrender to Love

Aired on 2/12/16 – Do you wonder why you are not with your soulmate and what could be the cause of this?

Do you feel as though you are open to love and ready to trust again? What is a soulmate? What doors have you been keeping shut? I can help you figure out what is causing the blockages and find out where is your soulmate. I have seen people who had little faith be swept off their feet by their true love.

Open your heart and surrender to love let it be your time to have it all when it comes to love.

Giving our Angels some LOVE!

Aired on 2/05/16 – Many people do not even know who their Angels are, this is why I am did this show for all of you.

Find out how you received your Angel as well as many more details. Let us give our Angels some LOVE today, Our Angels do not get the attention they deserve so let’s find out more information about them so we can get the benefit of having an Angel.

January 2016 Radio Shows

Healing blocked chakras

Aired on 1/22/16 – Heal Your Blocked Chakras

Tammy helps all of you understand what chakras are blocked inside of you. We forget to heal our selves from pain we have been through. We do not do the work that is important to our energy field so that we can be free of those attachments. Healing is very important but quit often instead of healing we tend to push things deeper instead of truly forgiving the situation.

What is manifestation?

Aired on 1/15/16 – Manifesting, what is it? Tammy shares with all of you how to manifest your year and to bring forth the blessings our angels want us to receive. The power behind manifesting is so amazing it creates an open door to another realm we are not used to hearing about.

We have lost touch with the gifts we had so many centuries ago now its time to reconnect and get back in touch.

December 2015 Shows

Trust in Our Guides And Angels

Aired 12/18/16 – Trust what is it really, let’s get to the bottom of why you do not? If our god above has been able to trust us with earth and all the creatures that were created for us then why can we not trust our loved ones or people around us but more importantly our angels.

Have Faith in Your Guides And Angels

Aired 12/11/15 – Tammy is talking about having faith and how to reach this goal. What has been lost with in you to make this faith you once had be lost? So many of us close our selves off after just one or two not so good example’s in any area of our lives, marriage, business, faith, spirituality, trust and so much more we have taught our selves to be not so forgiving.

Listen in right now and learn how to get your faith back

Are you receiving messages from your Angels?

Aired 12/04/15 – So many of us do not even know that are angels are giving us messages every day, and every moment. Tammy relays the messages from your angels, we have dreams even that are filled with signs and messages and she can translate yours.

Find out what your angel is trying to say to you, learn how to become unblocked so you then can do this on your own.

November 2015 Shows

Are you getting messages from your ANGELS?

Aired 11/27/15 – Tammy tells you what your messages are from you own angels. Find out what has been stopping you and getting in your way. So many of us have dreams that are given to us but yet you can not decipher them, well I can.

Stop letting things get in your way of being on your path!

Talking about having faith.

Aired 11/20/15 – Why do we lack faith? What stops us from being so open? Do our Angels guide us, talk to us, and show us the way? We stop our selves from being open for many reasons help change your energy and become who you are meant to be by following your inner voice, your intuition.

Listen in today how you can change your life to be more aware and open

Karma is it real? 

Aired 11/13/15 – here is a re-cap on some valuable information on karma. Listen in right now and find out what is blocking you what is stopping you from being free from karma debt? Do you feel as though there is a weight on you, holding you back, or that something is stopping you from moving forward?

Here today you will get answers and guidance on how to heal and also learn what started the blockages in the first place.

What did the SAINT’S do for you?

Aired 11/06/15 – Tammy is talking about how the saint’s have helped us through the years.

Get connected and see what saint is near you, which one is watching over you.

October 2015 Shows

Ghost, spirits and entities why are they here?

Aired on 10/23/15 – WE all have ghost in our closet, which spirits are with you and why are they haunting you.

Here today you will learn things you can do to help let these spirits go to the light. Listen to the stories and learn why is this happening to you? Where did the entity come from and how can you set them free.

How to open yourself towards new beginnings and opportunities.

Aired on 10/09/15 – For those of you wondering how you can get out from under the rock, or jump over the tallest wall and even get free from that bad relationship,

Tammy can help. In this show Tammy will help you realize how you can get through all these things,heal and become stronger so that your new beginnings will be clear and successful. Knowing there is a way is what you need first and that’s exactly where Tammy will begin.

What Are My Spirit Guides Trying to Tell Me?

Aired 10/02/15 – What are your spirit guides trying to say? Are you having dreams that may be repeating themselves telling you something but you do not understand? Learn the ways to hear them and let me tell you the messages.

Many of us are unaware of the information our guides are telling us, it is because we are disconnected and are into the fast paced world we are on. We do not slow down enough to get connected and hear the messages. Stop trying to guess, discover what your messages really are I can help, this is what I do.

September 2015 Shows

Is Karma getting in the way?

Aired 9/25/16 – Karma is very real!

Many of us do not want to face the things we have done wrong, join me today to learn how to let go of the blockages and heal so that you may feel again and be free. Feeling is a gift our God has given us, the gift of Love the gift of ( feeling ) so let me help you open up once again. Let go of the things you are unaware of so that you can improve your life and fulfill your purpose.

E.T. extraterrestrials are they real and are they among us?

Aired on 9/18/15 – Extraterrestrials are real and it’s about time we open our eyes and stop being in denial.

I am here today to help you see and know when, where, and why they visit our planet. Have you had something happen in your life where time has gone by and you do not know where that time went and you have no memory of it? So many of us do not know that we have had E.T. interactions or a one on one personal experience.

Listen in and learn what the signs are and if we have a sign on our bodies that show we have a connection with an E.T.?

How can I talk to my Angel?

Aired on 9/11/15 – So many of us do not know we can talk to our own Angels let me teach you how.

I can talk to your Angels today and see what is causing the blockages. What is stopping you from hearing the messages and the visions let me help you today. We get side tracked and often are mislead by our selves thinking instead of listening.

Our Angels are here to guide us. I talk to them and give you the messages and guidance you need so that you are no longer lost, confused, or wondering in life. I see so many people become on their path once they have this connection.

Healing our selves from past Karma a show not to miss.

Aired on 9/04/15 – Healing ourselves so that we can reach higher limits.

What are the things that are stopping you from reaching your goals? Why are you not getting to where you should have been so many years ago? Healing is key, but its the karma that could be holding you back..

So many of us think that it is easy to just keep ignoring the blockages we are feeling with in us but this is false. We need to take steps in growing so that we can get the best results in this life.

Listen in right now to hear what is holding you back. I will be answering many hard, hidden, or unanswered questions so many of you have. This is a show that you should not miss.

August 2015 Shows

How can I transform myself to become more aware?

Aired on 8/28/15 – Here I will teach you how to connect and get transformed within your self. What are the things stopping you? How can you break the walls down that you have put up? What can you do so that it does not happen again? There are so many aspects to becoming aware and getting rid of the blocks that have been put up from many years of emotional, spiritual, and even physical situations.

What is a Psychic?

Aired on 8/21/15 – What is a Psychic?

Learn what it means to be a Psychic. So many of us think that being psychic means something different, I will teach you the truth and help you uncover even your hidden abilities you may have. Why do we not know about our gifts or abilities because we get pulled into this world of judgement and ridicule.

I am an expert at this field, I have spent my whole life studying, practicing, and teaching people how to uncover their gifts from within.

This show will be so beneficial for those looking for answers and searching for truth. I can help you feel complete and get the answers you have been searching for.

What is a Vortex

Aired on 8/17/15 – What is a Vortex?

Learn what vortex is near you. What is the purpose of a Vortex can they really help us and change our vibrations? I will explain how they can help and maybe give away a few locations for you to visit. I have traveled the world connecting with Vortex’s taking people to become re-aligned and back in balance maybe you can be next.

Can we talk to our loved ones who have passed over?

Aired on 8/07/15 – Can we talk to our loved ones who have passed over?

Many people ask if we can still communicate with those who have passed over; the answer will always be yes! Listen in to learn how can you talk to the ones you have lost and hear their messages for you. Knowing they are still around can give us comfort if we believe they are still around us.

Tammy has connected with many people’s passed loved ones, even the ones many people don’t realize are still watching over them. You may be shocked like others she has helped! Learn how you can continue to have a relationship with your Spirit that is watching over you.

July 2015 Shows

How do you remove blockages within?

Aired on 7/31/15 – How do you remove blockages within?

What are “”blockages”” within us? Do you even know if you have a blockage? Most of us don’t know and let’s face it, it’s not easy to know by yourself when and where something went wrong. Because it’s in our automatic defense system to “”brush it under the carpet.”” But, when we do this and procrastinate about addressing the issue, it just continues to add up and starts to rot and smell; and eventually, making us sick and weighing us down tremendously. Here’s the good news! Tammy knows how to purge your spiritual system and get you back on your feet and feeling better than ever very quickly!

Tammy discusses the various reasons why a person gets “blocked” and how long we actually hold onto these blockages. Also, the importance of releasing and healing whatever has been hurting and beating down your spirit for so long.

Is it your angel or is it not your angel? That is the question!

Aired on 7/24/15 – Is it your angel or is it not your angel? That is the question!

The voice, the feelings and objects having been moved when you go back into the room. Could it really be an angel? Is it your Guardian Angel? Tammy gives you tips on how to recognize and connect to your angel(s). She teaches people around the world how to communicate with their angel(s). Is your angel someone you once loved? Is it a passed family member? What does your angel want to tell you?

What is Karma

Aired on 7/17/15  –  Tammy discusses what karma is, its significance in a person’s life and also cause and effect.