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Soul, Spirit, and Body

We were created by God to form the holy trinity within ourselves. We have been given a soul, a spirit, and a body. Today I will explain what each one means, why we were created in such a way and how you need to live in order to keep all three in the holy trinity balance.


We often forget all the beauty and blessings in our lives. We have so much that is given to us by our creator God. Today, we will discuss all the different ways God shows up in our daily lives and how we can show our sincerest Gratitude to our true Father.

The Need For Self-Renovation

We live busy lives and constantly neglect ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Today I will teach you tips on how you can begin renovating your life in small ways that will create a huge impact on your spiritual journey.

What Are Self Love, Self Worth, And Self Confidence?

In this week’s episode, Tammy will teach you what self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence truly mean. She will also teach you what you need to do in order to gain them and get yourself in balance.

Am I Being Superficial?

This week, we will talk about how our society has created “fake” people and what we need to do to get back to being real.

What Is Life About?

In this week’s episode, we will discuss the meaning of life and what you should be expecting from it.

Manifest Your Soulmate!

It’s time for you to manifest your soulmate! Are you ready! Do you feel like you have done all you could to be prepared? Then let’s get started! In today’s episode, learn how to start manifesting your soulmate!

What If It’s A Twin Flame?

Many people get confused between soulmates and twin flames. Twin flames make themselves obvious and in today’s episode, I will explain to you how. Learn the difference between a soulmate and a twin flame and how you can tell the difference.

What If We Passed Each Other By?

“What if I passed my soulmate by? We had a connection, we were in a relationship, but we are now disconnected?”

In today’s episode, learn all the different reason people pass their soulmates by. If you are one of these people, learn how you can begin to change your energy so that you can be reunited.

What’s Blocking Me?

“What is blocking me from being with my soulmate? What doors are being kept closed inside of me? I try so many things, but continue to fail to have that relationship that I want so dearly.”

We do not connect with our soulmate when we have blockages. In today’s episode, learn what it means to be blocked and how you can begin to release the blockages so that you can connect with your soulmate.

Are Soulmates Real?

People ask me all the time, “are soulmates real?” I give them this response: “Soulmates are very real! They’re as real as you and I are!” Your other half, which is your soulmate, may be asking this same exact question. In Today’s episode, I will be explaining in depth what a soulmate is.

Manifesting Good Karma

It’s time to create good karma! Let’s start spreading love and peace around the world by starting with our karma. Join Tammy to learn how to manifest the energy of good karma.

Healing Karma

It’s time to create good karma! Let’s start spreading love and peace around the world by starting with our karma. Join Tammy to learn how to manifest the energy of good karma.

Identifying Karma

What is karma? Does karma truly exist? Is it new or old? How long has as it been around? All these questions and more will be answered by Tammy. Join Tammy and learn how to identify karma and learn the complexities of its energy.

Are you in physical pain? It might just be your karma.

Karma carries energy and energy manifests within our body. So, if you are feeling physical pain, it could be a result of karmic energy that you are carrying. Karmic energy causes chakra energy blockages which causes imbalance within our body, spirit and soul. I will tell you exactly how to identify physical pain that is caused by karma and how you can begin to heal.

Can your karma be stopping you from connecting with your soulmate?

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been able to find or connect with your true love? Does your heart feel blocked as though something is keeping you from truly welcoming love? Karma has a lot to do with this. Karma causes blockages and can prevent you from connecting with your Soulmate. Learn how to identify Karmic energy and how you can open your heart to love!

How do we receive bad karma? Can we change it

Ever wondered what caused you to carry so much karmic energy? I will teach you about all the different ways and sources we receive karmic energy. Not all karma is bad. I will teach you how you can begin to heal from negative karma and create good karma. Listen in and learn just how you can begin the shift.


Trying to Find Yourself

When you awoke this morning, did you feel good about your day? Did you feel comfortable in the direction you were headed? Or did you feel like you left yourself somewhere behind perhaps in a dream or even another lifetime? In this debut show be ready to get zapped back into who you really are!

What is Karma?

Aired on 5/13/16 – Listen to Tammy discuss Karma.  So many of you have questions about what karma means and how it affects your life.

What are Dreams?

Aired on 5/6/16 –   Find out what do your dreams mean and why do we have them? So many people talk about dreams but there are so many interputations about them. I have studied this subject and have many answers you want to hear call in listen in and get to know what they are about and much more.

Does the Past Really Control Your Future?

Aired on 4/22/16 – In this episode on Karma Talk Radio, Tammy will be helping you break the chains of your past.

Teaching you about the importance of nurturing yourself and your soul. Join Tammy and be inspired about letting go of your past and what may have hurt you and what is holding you back from moving forward. The past does not have to haunt you anymore, be free and let yourself fly with the angels into your future a future filled with better things and a stronger happier you, inside and out.

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