What if we passed each other by?

What if I had passed by Soulmate by? We had a connection, we were in a relationship, but we are now disconnected?

If you have connected with your Soulmate once before, but now you are disconnected, do not allow yourself to be worried. There is still potential. There is still a possibility of you reconnecting and being once again with your Soulmate. The only reason why you have lost this connection and have had separation is because you must have had or your partner (your Soulmate) must have had blockages within their chakras and energy point and levels of their body. This creates a disconnection with your Soulmate.

If you are ready to reconnect with your Soulmate, make for sure that you are in balance. Make for sure that your chakras are aligned. Make for sure that you are open, willing and welcoming this new beginning once again.

God bless.

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