What’s blocking me?

What is blocking me from being with my Soulmate? What doors are being kept closed inside of me? Why can I not connect even though I desire to be with my Soulmate? I have tried so many things, but continue to fail to have that relationship that I want so dearly.

We do not connect with our Soulmate when we have blockages. We cannot make that connection when we have blockages because our Soulmate will not recognize us if we are holding on to fear.  They cannot see us if we cannot trust and have lack of communication. We will not be able to be verbal to have that interaction to make the connection in the first place.

What is blocking you from connecting with your Soulmate? If you are tired of waiting. If you are tired of being confused. If you are tired of growing weary of wondering how and when will it happen? I can help to get you on the path of where you are meant to be so you can have complete fulfillment and satisfaction of being united with your Soulmate.

God bless.

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